In the earlier parts of my life I had dreamed of producing graphics myself, however, the tools were not available, or they were too costly. My graphics abilities developed when the Lord directed me to become the owner of a small printing business I later renamed American Printing & Graphics and I quickly learned all the techniques to produce the quality artwork needed for our clients.  After 12 years, the printing business was closed.  During my downtime, I started using a digital camera and started photographing God’s beautiful creation.  The Lord directed me to the Business Manager position at Scenic Land School which allowed me to do the two things I enjoyed doing – working with numbers and graphic arts.  Friends and coworkers noticed the quality of my nature photography and I started taking pictures of children and adults at my church and school.  Over time, my graphics skills were also recognized and I started performing all the graphics at the school and added my photographs.

As I connected to God, He began to turn my dreams into reality.  As a member of New Covenant Fellowship Church (NCF) the Lord began to start using my talent. He first used me to photo document our new building at NCF.  I received a gift from my coworkers at Scenic Land School to assist in purchasing a new digital camera.  This was the beginning of my deeper activity of taking higher quality photographs.  Now I specialize in people and nature photography which includes events, parties, dances, portraits; my nature photography features flowers, birds, animals, waterfalls, sunsets, and scenery.  I am also a graphic artist and can take my photos to create any printed material, advertising, and slideshows.

My skills in photography and graphic arts have increased greatly over the past several years.  In 2005, I began volunteering as the photographer for the Multi-Cultural Youth Training & Development (MYTD) ministry for children and youth.  At the beginning of 2006, I was asked to take professional (paid) posed photographs at the upcoming MYTD fundraising banquet – requiring equipment that I did not have at that time.  After much prayer, research, and calculations, I accepted the assignment and purchased/borrowed the equipment needed.  The banquet photography went well and sufficient funds were received to break even – Thank God!  I continued to accept small assignments with all proceeds being reinvested to better my equipment.  I also volunteered to produce (graphics design and printing) the newsletter for MYTD.  

In summary, I have over 25 years of experience in graphic arts and over 10 years experience in photography.

About Russell