I believe in collaborating with my clients to capture the unique images they seek and offer a variety of different services, depending on my clients’ needs.

This is a partial list of the types of services being offered up to now, but there is always the possibility that more options will be added to the list, depending on demand.


Formal Events
• Banquets
• Reunions
• Fashion Shows
• Masquerades
• Conferences
• Meetings

Informal Events
• Birthday Parties
• Reunions
• Baby Showers
• Pool Parties
• Picnics

• Before, during, and after the ceremony candid and formal poses and reception photos.

Family and Pets
• Relax at home or at your favorite outdoor setting and let us spend some time capturing your family and/or pets in ordinary to extraordinary poses – making each of you an honored star.
• Senior/Graduation photos - lets us photograph the soon-to-be graduate at your favorite location and the poses and clothing you desire.  The photo selection will be larger and prices much lower than the ones provided by the school.

Home Portraits
• A backdrop will be set up in your home and portraits (single and/or family) photographed.

Sporting Events
• All kind of sports whether organized sports or friends just getting together for sporting fun.

• Antiques
• Heirlooms

• Products
• Equipment
• Employees

Graphic Arts

• Brochures
• Newsletters
• Fliers
• Tickets
• Business Cards
• Photo Business Cards
• Stationary
• Retouching old photos
• Logo preparation
• Slideshows

We do not have a set pricelist because each event is unique and requires different tools and time commitment. Prices will be based on the following criteria:
• Location of event
• Length of event
• Number of pictures
• Type of photo (digital, printed on the spot)
• Time necessary to perform graphics

Contact me at Russell@RobardsPhotography.com for a free quote.

Nature Photos Albums

There are over 1,000 photos available for your viewing pleasure in the Nature Photo Albums.  These photos can be purchased in various sizes and options.  Click here to visit the Nature Photos Albums site.  The following albums are featured:

• Sky• Butterflies
• Scenery • Birds
• Waterfalls      • Eagles
• Flowers  • Animals

These prints are great for post cards, decorating your home with God's beautiful creation, or for gifts to family and friends.

To order, please use the Nature Photos Order Form.

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